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Current showing nine works at Bridgewater Lofts in Minneapolis until January 2, 2021. Thanks to Alison for the invite! Trickle and Slice here in the main lobby. All sculpture here are still for sale.


Connect, maple and steel, 78w x 21h x 3d”,  shown here at Bridgewater. I especially love the shadows.



The fifth and newest of the black and white hush series. Together Apart it’s called. The body is one maple board with steel along the top. It’s 16h x 61w x 3d”. Debuting and for sale at Bridgewater Lofts in Mpls. until Jan. 2021.


Install at Bridgewater, all hands needed. Slice getting a lift here.



Another favorite shadow here Bridgewater Lofts. One of the smaller works, Cusp, 17w x 15h x 6d”, pine.



Solid brass is the spine for Fortified. It’s so heavy! Installed at Bridgewater lofts until January 2020.



Most installs require at least four hands. Sift is here being lifted for the install at Bridgewater. It’s the fourth in the black and white Hush series. Sift is maple and steel, 18h x 61w x 3d”.



Relent has a new home. Thanks Al & Becky! #sold


Studio view with Rise on the left, Shift on the right and Harvey in the middle.



Sold! Give Way now belongs to Jonny. Thank you!


Sold! Was coveting Fill for 15 years and finally let it go. Small work made in Kansas City long time ago. Thank you Katharine, glad it’s with you!


Companion was the perfect piece for Jim. It was his as soon as he saw it. The piece was only a couple days old at the time. This is the second piece in the black and white Hush series. I’ve made five so far with no end in sight.



Nancy bought the MN state fair sculpture, appropriately so. She has a new conversation starter- Lure!


Hush, the first piece of the black and white quiet series only lasted a few months before it sold. Thanks to Tom and Mary!


Home collection with the lovelies. The rare David Dick sculpture with Seep.


Percolate moved to outside the studio. Couldn’t resist hugging the column. 71h x 29w x 3d”



Sold! Tug with Lindsay and Trevor. It’s the first round piece I’ve ever made.


Mend was sold to the AC Marriot in downtown Minneapolis. You can find it on the third floor.

Mend was sold to the AC Marriot in downtown Minneapolis. You can find it on the third floor.


Sold! Engulf, one piece of red elm. Made and inspired by Marie.

Sold! Engulf, one piece of red elm, inspired by Marie.




Extension with gina louise and Yuya. Sold day after this pic was taken. One of favorites.



Measured, maple, black walnut and steel, 44w x 14h x 3d”. Commissioned piece through Art Partners.


Sold! One of the only free standing pieces that I’ve made. Off Shoot it is called and was made for a show at Gallery 360. DIg featured on the wall behind it, was also sold and now lives at Nordhaus in Minneapolis.



Sold! Thank you Ryan! Funnel and Gush, inspired by movement.


Eleven on 18, group show



Donna matching Glint.



Ooze is a show stopper.